Women on Target from the Women of the NRA

I had the pleasure of attending the first Women on Target class by the women of the NRA on March 28 2009 by director Chester Manning. We started at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. While every one was getting registered or signed in there was breakfast spread (bagels, cream cheese, donuts, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, water) available for the rest of us.

Once we got started the introductions began. We were introduced to all of the staff that we would be interacting with throughout the day.We had our class instructors Which were Alison,Kathy and Dee. We also were introduced to our pistol range instructors which included but not limited to Adam, Mike Allen, John Forey, Michael Shoop, Greg Wasnick, Ted Skinner, Jonathan Lawrence, Ian Burnette, Alan Krieg, Bill Perkins.

Every one who was preregistered,which was approximately 50 women, was then given a goody bag which consisted of:

  • Clip on safety light by Nite IZE
  • Visor
  • Pair of ear plugs
  • Folder for NRA tests & certificates
  • Pistol shooting reading material
  • Pamphlets on alternative options for self defense

Goody bag and passing them out

These items were used to follow along with the instructors direction of the class and helped provided a better understanding of the subject being explained.

A visual reference was a tremendous help for us beginners who weren’t familiar with the terminology. Everything was explained until everyone understood and was on the same page. No one was looked down on for being a novice. The instructors were experts at explaining at the knowledge level of the student.

We reviewed for main categories:

1.Pistol safety parts and operation
3.Aiming ,trigger control,Grip
4.Cleaning and maintaining your pistol

Each of these categories had a different instructor which helped keep things fresh and everyone interested.

I was very impressed with the detail given when describing the parts of the pistol and what their purpose was.
We were guided on how to find our dominate eye. By using both hands to to create a triangle, holding out in front the length of your arms and bring it straight back to your nose. For some this technique did not work and alternative techniques were used on an individual basis.

Practicing different stances and bench rest shooting positions are important to help find your comfort zone when focusing on hitting your target.Here we are shown several different positions that can be used.

After a long deserved lunch break (which was included in the class fee) we went to Three Points Shooting range to put in place some of the knowledge we just absorbed.

Chester Manning reviewed a few basic rules needed to be followed once every one arrived at the range.

Once all of the equipment was set up, we had 15 different stations to choose from. Each was equipped with and instructor, bean bag, bench, several different calibers for the students to manipulate to find their comfort zone. Here are some of our ladies in action.
If you are interested in attending this class or similar ones available contact Chester Manning at Manning Firearms Training and Tactics (520)578-0464

Women on Target class by the Women of the NRA on March 28, 2009