Magpul Dynamics; Dynamic Carbine 1, Nov 2011

We are reviewing (and shooting) the Magpul Dynamics Carbine I class at the Marana Shooting Club near Tucson, AZ

Stay tuned for a complete after action once this three day class is finished

Streamed by Gun Websites in Marana, AZ.

Magpul Dynamics is a tactical training company with a curriculum focused on military, law enforcement, and private sector professional skill sets.

Dynamic Carbine 1
An entry level familiarization course for Carbine

Dynamic Carbine 2
Fast paced, hands-on advanced Carbine work

MAG-40; Arizona 2010

We asked Massad Ayoob about current and future CCW Laws here in the United States.

Massad Ayoob is one of the most respected fighting handgun trainers in the world.
Massad left Lethal Force Institute, Inc. after 28 years as its director, and is now teaching through MAG, or Massad Ayoob Group.

We were students in the first MAG-40 (a 40 hour Classroom & Range) course offered by the new school. The class was hosted by Dan at GatorFarm Tactical here in Arizona.

Gator Farm Tactical Applications, the Sierra Vista Shooting Range, Fort Huachuca, and the triple communities of Sierra Vista, Bisbee, and Tombstone welcome you to the 1st MAG 40 class taught by Massad Ayoob.

Our range is run by a coalition of Gun Clubs which include the Cochise Gun Club, The Sierra Vista Rod and Gun Club, and the Range Coalition. All of these organizations have put much effort to making a top-notch facility for all to enjoy.

Safety is paramount in any activity and in shooting it is paramount. You will read range rules and must abide from them at all times.

Fort Huachuca is the Army’s Electronic Proving ground and the Home of Army Intelligence. The UAV program is based here and it is not uncommon to see strange flying machines in the air as soldiers prepare for combat.
Many soldiers live, work, and retire in Sierra Vista, the largest community in the area. Bisbee and Tombstone are among the west’s most historical towns and contain many artifacts of that time. This range is an almost equal distance from all of these communities.


 Massad Ayoob Group

Gator Farm Tactical LLC…

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Massad Ayoob on CCW Laws

Babes with Bullets; Ladies Action Shooting Camp

Its not just a book, its a series of ladies only action pistol handgun camps available for novice, intermediate and advanced shooters. From ladies who have never held a gun before to those who participate in Cowboy Action, IPSC, IDPA, Bullseye or Trap & Skeet, these camps have something to offer ladies of all skill levels.

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Babes with Bullets; Group Goddess Competition

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Indoor Tactical Shooting Match (Oct 2009)

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Manning Firearms Training & Tactics

Offering a broad curriculum covering oil your firearms training requirements.
Featuring NRA and Arizona DPS certified Instructors with extensive
Law Enforcement and Military experience
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Shoothouse at Gunsite

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Tour of Gunsite Firearms Training Facility

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Indoor Tactical Shooting Match (Sept 2009)

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A.C.T.S. Match (July 2009)

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