MDFI – Defensive Carbine II

This is a fast-paced class that will leave your barrel red hot.
This class takes off where Carbine Level One ended.

This class is not for everyone. You will get dirty during these drills as you learn up to date tactics that work in the real world.

Fourteen students attended two days of defensive shooting classes taught by Steve Fisher of Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute. MDFI was invited by Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts, a gun store on Tucsons East Side. The classes were held north of Tucson at the Pima Pistol Club Shooting Range. The two days were divided into four parts, day one was Defensive Pistol Level Two, followed by a Low Light Pistol Class in the evening. Day Two was Defensive Carbine Level Two followed by an full evening of Low Light Carbine instruction. All the students learned a lot and skills improved. Here are four reviews of the two days of training along with some links and info on the instructors and hosts. If these reviews make you curious about firearms training, do some research and plan to attend a class. Firearms training is great fun, and it could possibly save your life one day

Defensive Carbine – Level Two

General Information:
8 Hour training.
Limited to 12 participants.

This is a fast-paced class that will leave your barrel red hot.
This class takes off where Carbine Level One ended.

This class is not for everyone. You will get dirty during these drills as you learn up to date tactics that work in the real world.


  • CPL or other pistol marksmanship certification.
  • Carbine Level One or equivalent.

Topics Covered:

  • Start with basic warm-up drills.
  • Shooting on the move.
  • Speed shooting.
  • Various kneeling and prone positions.
  • Use of cover.
  • Transitions to handguns.


  • Carbine (Pistol caliber carbine may be used.)
  • 1,000 rounds of carbine ammunition.
  • 200 rounds of handgun ammunition.
  • Minimum of 3 magazines.
  • Something to hold magazines on body.
  • Handgun and holster (no cross-draw or shoulder rig holsters will be allowed.).
  • Sling system.
  • Snacks and drink for 8 hours of training.
  • Centerline Classes: Lunch can be bought at the gun club or you may provide your own.

We started a bit later on day two. After shooting well into the night, then driving home, we all needed a bit more time to rest. So we started about 10am. As Steve went over safety and range rules, then we got right to confirming our zeros at 50 yards

Most students shot AR15 variants. Most of them shot well. One student shot just an AK47, and two others brought both an AR15 and an AK47. The AKs worked fine and shot well and only a few few ARs had failures

Most of the students were dead on and just confirmed their zero, while a few needed two attempts to get theirs sighted in at 50 yards

Steve started with the basics as he did in the pistol course, then the class progressed to more elaborate drills utilizing those basic skills in combination at the speed the shooter felt comfortable with

Some techniques are controversial, or not widely agreed upon. Steve showed us a few of these techniques, like the movement of the carbine to the off side shoulder with a strong side grip for a quick shot from around cover. Then Steve addressed why some schools don’t agree on the technique. he left it up to the student to incorporate these or not

Some other skills the class touched on (and practiced) was single side shooting and multiple targets

When a unique jam or malfunction happened we would take a break from shooting to see how to clear

removing tension from the bolt face is usually what’s needed on serious jams on the AR15 platform. A pocket pliers or straight blade knife were best for clearing these

While fine accuracy was not stressed, students would tape any hits outside the center ring on the cardboard targets, so they could keep track of any shots made outside that area during drills

We broke for lunch as a group and did more elaborate drills in the afternoon, like this ladder drill

Since these drills were more complex and potentially dangerous, students ran through them one at a time. This allowed both Steve and Casey to watch each run and offer coaching. It also allowed the rest of the class to learn from other students

Like many classes held in a pro-gun state, students brought some unique gear like this Surbu super short 12 gauge and full auto M-16. Students were able to shoot some of these to test them out

While most of the the class used an AR a few students shot the AK47 and had no issues ‘keeping up’ with the class at the distances we shot

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This was Day Two of a Two Day visit from MDFI in Tucson AZ

Day One – Pistol 2
Day Two – Carbine 2
Day One – Low Light Pistol
Day Two – Low Light Carbine

Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute is a Michigan-based training company that has been providing real-world firearms training to military, law enforcement, and qualified civilians since 2001.

Classes available for groups or individuals, beginners or advanced training.

MDFI was brought down to Tucson by Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts.

Thanks to Bob, Scott and Shane. Also big thanks to the guys who also helped out by driving the Michiganers to and from the airport and to the range, to dinner, to the gun shop, etc.

We all look forward to seeing MDFI in Tucson again soon

American Confederation of Tactical Shooters
ACTS Purpose

To provide a sport in which Civilian rifle owners along with Military and Law Enforcement professionals can practice ‘real world’ shooting skills in a sporting venue that has not been offered by any other shooting discipline or association.

To promote the safe practical, proficient use of rifles. To foster sportsmanship and camaraderie among rifle owners, and to support and defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Are you interested in shooting an ACTS match?
Come down and check us out. Visitors are welcome, just check in at the office and let the range officers know who you are and they will get you a tour of the ranges, and you can talk to the shooters and see how the stages are shot. We are all proud of our safety record (zero incidents) and are happy to answer questions. If you live in Phoenix, Casa Grande, Benson, Serria Vista or anyplace else within driving distance. Come on down and shoot with us. You will literally have a blast. It’s not like shooting at any range you’ve shot before and the skills you’ll learn could one day save your life.