Front Sight Training Facilities

A look at the equipment, ranges and facilities at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight Training Facilities

Located just 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas, and occupying a spectacular 550 acres in the Nevada desert

Phase One of the development includes:

  • Paved road leading to facility and throughout.
  • 6000 square foot classroom and conference area.
  • Pro Shop.
  • Administration building.
  • 7200 square foot armory and gunsmithing facility.
  • 4,000 square-foot maintenance facility.
  • Gourmet restaurant overlooking desert vistas and lake.
  • 10 training ranges from 25 yards to 400 yards.
  • 8, 360 degree live-fire training simulator ranges.
  • 5,000 square-foot indoor video training simulator building with multiple simulators.
  • Five story SWAT training tower.
  • Rappelling area.
  • 400 yards of underground tunnels with simulators

I’ve highlighted the items that are completed and being used.

A view of the area from the top of the tower looking north at the ranges

Another view from the tower looking north west at the simulation ranges

A view of more simulation ranges at Front Sight

Front Sight does not encourage visitors other than students in their courses or visitors on course dates. If you drive out to the site without a course confirmation letter or on a date they are not offering courses, you may not be able to access the facility due to road construction or other heavy equipment activity.

The parking area from the east looking west at the towers

The classroom and adjacent ranges

One of the smaller training ranges near the classroom

Front Sight owns their own equipment, so they can alter the construction schedule to allow use of the facilities already developed

Classrooms / Lecture Hall

The lecture hall / classroom has seating for hundreds of students at a time

The lecture hall / classroom is huge and the lighting, multimedia screens and speaker system make it easy to hear & see presentations
Pro Shop

The pro shop offers equipment for rent and for sale. Training aids, ammo, cleaning supplies, and lots of gear are all available

Logo shirts / hats are available as well as the official Front Sight targets and training manuals

Scenario Buildings

Training on paper targets is a standard and putting targets on reactive panels in building mock ups ads realism

When to shoot or not shoot is usually a decision made quickly. Training with photographic targets flashed randomly creates a realistic training Scenario

Adding the concepts of room cleaning and tactical movement to scenarios

Entry Training

Clearing a room or passing through a door are difficult so training doors are a valuable aid in learning these skills

How to look and hide behind cover like these doors is a skill that will need a lot of practice

Pistol Ranges

The smaller ranges are used for the handgun classes, etc. The targets are in air powered turners. This way the targets can imitate”the last straw” when you decide to draw and shoot

I thought the turning targets were not realistic, after all when does a bad guy turn 90 degrees and attack? But talking to one of the instructors was eye opening. He saw me looking away from the targets, in my mind to gain an element of surprise or add an element of real life. But he explained I was incorrect.

Instead of thinking of the turning target as the beginning of a drill, I should think of the turning target as the bad guy drawing a gun. When the target turns, its the same as the bad guy starting his draw. Once I did this my speed was much better and I was able to draw the pistol in plenty of time to acquire a good shot

Rifle Range

For the longer distances of the rifle the range gets longer. There are strips of astro turf at the various distances on the range.

For night shooting and shooting at dusk lights are turned on. Almost all the ranges have lighting units like this one to light them up when needed

For longer distances there is a ‘people mover’ so the time needed to walk downrange is reduced making more time for shooting during the class

Long Distance Rifle Range (Sniper Point)

For even longer distances there is a very long shot area. Nicknamed Sniper Point, this area is an entire wash with a sniper area set up high on one end. There are a few large reactive targets set up closer in (from 200-400 yards) but there are plenty of even further targets here. Even one at about a mile away that the student needs to first find before they can take a shot.

Looking down the canyon at Sniper Point, some of the closer targets are obvious, but further away optics are needed

Shotgun and Rifle Ranges

A much smaller scale version of the sniper range are the interactive rifle and pistol canyons

Walking down these canyons, targets become visible, so it’s a challenge to walk, scan and shoot as needed. As any good scenario type training there are innocent targets as well as those requiring a shot.

Climbing / Rappelling Towers

Front Sight has created World Class Courses to build and challenge your skills. The world’s tallest rappelling facility. Most towers are made from telephone poles, so they stop at the 3rd or 4th level. The custom made course at Front Sight was built by the pros and is the tallest tower in the world to date.

Alpine Tower II

Odyssey Ropes Course. with both low ropes activities, and high ropes up to 55 feet above the ground.

1,000-foot zip line

Rock climbing wall on the east side of the tower offers a real challenge for climbers

400-foot zip line down to the lake area and a portion of the team building course

The top of the Rappelling tower and a look down at the route up the tower via the inside ladders

Underground Training Tunnels

400 yards of underground training tunnels approx 10 feet in diameter

looking up at one of the entry points or ‘drop downs’. And a fork in the tunnel. The tunnel is not just one long run, it’s an elaborate maze of connections and turns

Multiple entry points alternate routes make these underground tunnels a unique training environment

Many smaller tunnels are in place throughout the facility and can be used for training as well

Front Sight does not encourage visitors other than students in our courses or visitors on course dates listed in our brochure. If you drive out to the site without a course confirmation letter or on a date that we are not offering courses, you may not be able to access the facility due to road construction or other heavy equipment activity. For this reason, if you are not attending a course, please confine your visits to course dates only.