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Babes with Bullets; Ladies Action Shooting Camp

Its not just a book, its a series of ladies only action pistol handgun camps available for novice, intermediate and advanced shooters. From ladies who have never held a gun before to those who participate in Cowboy Action, IPSC, IDPA, Bullseye or Trap & Skeet, these camps have something to offer ladies of all skill levels.

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Lethal Force Institute – LFI 1

I had the opportunity to sit in on one day (8 hours) of the 40 hour LFI-1 course taught by Massad Ayoob at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club in south west Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2009. Massad is a prolific writer and internationally known instructor. While the course material is serious and details can be important, Massads in depth knowledge of the subjects and mastery of the skills involved, makes the information easy to absorb and interesting. Mas is also a quick wit and keeps the class interesting and the students listening with humor and a comfortable teaching style

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Women on Target from the Women of the NRA

I had the pleasure of attending the first Women on Target class by the women of the NRA on March 28 2009 by director Chester Manning. We started at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. While every one was getting registered or signed in there was breakfast spread (bagels, cream cheese, donuts, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, water) available for the rest of us.

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AAR MDFI – May 2008

Once again, Thank you Steve and Casey for coming out to the desert to train us and entertain us. A very big thanks to all of you who participated in the class as well. Without those people who take the plunge and drop the coin on tuition/ammo/and time, we just wouldn’t be able to make this kind of thing happen. Of course thanks to Pima Pistol Club for providing the facilities for us to be able to provide/attend this type of training.

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MDFI – Defensive Handgun II

Fourteen students attended two days of defensive shooting classes taught by Steve Fisher of Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute. MDFI was invited by Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts, a gun store on Tucsons East Side. The classes were held north of Tucson at the Pima Pistol Club Shooting Range. The two days were divided into four parts, day one was Defensive Pistol Level Two, followed by a Low Light Pistol Class in the evening. Day Two was Defensive Carbine Level Two followed by an full evening of Low Light Carbine instruction. All the students learned a lot and skills improved. Here are four reviews of the two days of training along with some links and info on the instructors and hosts. If these reviews make you curious about firearms training, do some research and plan to attend a class. Firearms training is great fun, and it could possibly save your life one day !!

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MDFI – Handgun 1

Steve Fisher of MDFI offered a Level One Handgun and a Level One Carbine Class on Thursday and Friday in January. Six students attended both classes, and since the level of proficiency was high and the students were comfortable with the new skills, Steve offered to also teach his low light shooting on Friday evening. The students agreed (of course) and we all stayed late after the carbine class on Friday to learn and shoot in low light and darkness

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