AZ CCW at Second Amendment Sports

I sat in on the December Arizona Concealed Carry Permit (AZCCW) class at Second Amendment Sports in Tucson, Arizona. The class was taught by Charles Heller (Liberty Watch Radio, AzCDL, etc) and was split into two nights, tues and thursday. Students received the instruction, fingerprints (small additional fee) and shooting test all in one place and were able to spend off their applications as soon as the class was over on Thursday. This was a real good class, both fun and instructional with a friendly and interested group of students.

The class was held in the classroom at Second Amendment Sports in Tucson, Arizona. It is the old Jensons (Arizona Sportsman) building

Second Amendment Sports
5146 E. Pima St.
Tucson, Arizona 85712

Day One Tuesday 5pm-9pm

The class started right on time. We had instruction for 50 minutes then a break, the time seemed to go by quickly. Bathrooms and a drinking fountain are available at the store

Students did various exercises throughout the class. One was to test their dominant eye. Using two hands, frame something like a clock across the room, and as you bring your hands back to your face, keeping the item framed in the opening between your hands, you will bring the opening to your dominant eye.

Students were encouraged to take notes. Also to send the notes to themselves certified mail. So they could be used in court if ever needed. Clipboards were available in the classroom

Charles has been teaching CCW classes for 15 years. He’s got the curriculum down pat. But he still uses notes so he’s sure to hit hit each important point. He offered some informative lectures with question and answer sessions between.

One of the useful hints offered by Charles is the Gun Book. One very simple and safe way to store a gun that is explained during class lecture.

Charles prepares handouts to illustrate points and elaborate on topics that are not covered in depth in a CCW class

Day Two Thursday 5pm-9pm

Day two started with a review of Day One’s lectures with a session of Questions and Answers. This class included mostly long time shooters and gun owners. Most of the class had some prior gun training (mostly military or marksmanship training) and a few students had prior CCW cards which had expired. Questions were interesting and answered by the whole class. A very interesting session

After the topics had been covered in lecture, Charles used a unique approach to illustrating the ‘shoot, vs. don’t shoot’ scenarios that can be difficult to visualize when reading. The students role played some force on force style exercises to show how little time there is to react and how using your head can prevent getting into a situation where you might need to use a sidearm

We all watched a scenario unfold then had Q&A sessions afterward. This interesting approach seemed to really let the seriousness of CCW sink in. I for one, walked away wanting even more practice like this

After another break the tests were handed out and the students took the written exam for their AZ CCW permits. Later these were graded, everyone passed, most with scores of 100%

Shooting tests were done at the store into heir underground range. Usually this tunnel is used to test fire used guns or items being gunsmithed. CCW students get a rare opportunity to shoot under Tucson

Charles supplied a .22 for use during the shooting test, but most students brought their own pistol to class.

The shooting portion if the test is not a marksmanship test. You do need to hit the target, but the distance is not very far. It’s test to prove you can operate a sidearm and use it effectively at close distance.

That was the end of class. Students had everything they needed to send the state to apply for their CCW. This is a class I would encourage anyone interested in forearms laws to take. If you already have a CCW, consider taking this class anyway. It will refresh your knowledge and you’ll get the benefit of a new perspective on your CCW options and responsibilities