Arizona CCW Class Review; Tactical Advantage

The third Sunday of each month at South East Regional Park shooting range Tactical Advantage LLC offers an Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons permit class (CCW class). We sat in on a class and had a great time. The classroom at SERP is small but comfortable, well lit and easy to hear whoever is speaking. Our class was 15 students and two instructors; Gordon Winkelman and James Coniglio Tactical Advantage has been teaching CCW classes for four years, two of those at SERP

Tactical-Advantage Training Academy

Tactical Advantage Instructors are dedicated to providing safe and responsible firearms training. Handgun instruction, rifle training, and shotgun training of the highest quality is offered to both law enforcement and the private citizen.

The composition of our firearms training classes spans all socio-economic barriers, from housewives to teachers, computer programmers to lawyers, CEOs to auto mechanics, doctors to private investigators. Advanced shooters have different objectives than the beginning and novice shooter. Some require firearms instruction because their job dictates a higher standard of care and increased proficiency; others opt for handgun training to improve their shooting competition and the personal satisfaction and achievement. Some have survived a lethal encounter; others recognize that they may one day confronted with such an event. All have legitimate and valid needs. In recognizing these variables, every effort is made to offer firearms training that will meet the particular needs of the individual. Whatever your reason, whatever your skill level, We are here to assist you in finding the appropriate training.

We started at 8am and the class ran to about 4:30pm with range time about 9am and a 30 min break for lunch. Students signed in and used wide masking tape to make a simple name tag. This was really a nice touch, it allowed us to remember each other as well as our instructors by the second break. Being addressed by name really makes for an enjoyable class environment too in my opinion. Each student was given a handout with information useful to the CCW holder. A shooting remedy target, safety information, the mental awareness color codes, some rules to keep in mind while carrying and a consent form for kids, if you are going to be bringing a kid to shoot with you in Arizona

We went right into instruction for an hour on safety, basic marksmanship, sight picture, and range procedures.

We then went to the range. We beat most of the heat of the day and were able to shoot in the shade

Fifteen students rotated through their shooting tests in one fifteen minute shooting session. All the students passed their tests, and the instructors congratulated the class on having an unusually high level of skill

Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range

The Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range is operated and managed by Pima County Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation. It is designed, built and operated to provide shooters with safe and enjoyable shooting opportunities.

After the range time we went back to instruction until lunch. An overhead projector, plenty of transparencies, a laser pointer and the white board kept the lecture interesting and allowed the instructors to emphasize important points easily. The lecture moved along, with regular breaks to stand, check phone messages (it seems like more people need cell phone breaks than smoke breaks these days). While only water is available at the range, most students came prepared with snacks and drinks

For the firearms portion of the class real (unloaded) guns were used to demonstrate operation, maintenance and of course safety. In addition to lectures on laws, responsibilities, and equipment the instructors offered many real life examples of situations that illustrate the sometimes complicated rules for the CCW permit holder. Questions were encouraged and time was taken to address all the questions that came up.

Tactical Advantage Concealed Weapons Permit