Arizona CCW Class Review (Aug 2007)

This Saturday I sat in on an Arizona CCW class on Tucson’s east side. This was an enjoyable, informative and entertaining class. Our class of 15 students was instructed by Phil Wong who did an outstanding job. In (just over) eight hours we went overjust about all aspects of carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona. We covered the state required curriculum and beyond from handgun basics, through marksmanship principals and finished the day with legal and even personal aspects of CCW.

We got right to work in the morning for this all day class.. eight hours of instruction and range time, with a break for lunch. Plan to spend the day in case the class goes a bit long (with questions) and if you do well shooting and on the written test, you’ll go home with everything you need to apply for your AZ CCW permit

CCW class includes a packet with your application, fingerprint cards (which you’ll complete during the class) and some handouts to keep with good information on CCW that we went over in class

Fingerprinting went quickly and smoothly with all 15 students getting their fingerprint cards during classroom breaks throughout the day

Phil has been instructing the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Pemit course since the inception of the program in Arizona in 1994. His expert knowledge of the subject is displayed in his effortless demos for the class. Concepts that have taken me years of trial and error to understand were quickly explained with a few simple examples by Phil.

One of the things that haunt new shooters and long time marksmen alike are trigger issues. Using the laser grip on a training revolver against a far wall (that the entire class could see), Phil was able to again effortlessly demonstrate difficult concepts and how to deal with them

Although this was not a skills class, we did touch on the basics of marksmanship. Grip, Stance, Breath, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Follow Through. While not going into too much detail, we did touch on the idea that there is a lot to learn about shooting well. And we were reminded of the importance of taking CCW seriously enough to learn and practice our shooting skills.

Examples of the Isosceles, Modified and Weaver shooting stance

Between our first break and lunch we started getting prepared to do the shooting portion of the class. We went over the requirements of the state, what constitutes a ‘good shot in real life and of course the range rules for the indoor range where we were headed to take the shooting tests.

We had a fairly large class, so instead of everyone waiting for both fingerprints and the range, we split the class up. Half of the students stayed at Diamondback and had their fingerprints taken, while the rest of the class went to the Marksman Pistol Institute where the shooting portion of the CCW class was held. This worked out well and there were no long waits.

On the way back to the classroom students were able to stop for lunch if they wanted to. Although the Marksman is less than 5 miles away, there are many restaurants depending on the route you take.

Sometimes whole day classes can get boring after lunch and students my tend to fall sleep during ‘dry’ subject matter. This was not the case for this class. We talked about care and maintenance, weapon and gear options and selection as well as the importance of practice

From How to shoot, we headed to When to shoot. Using the AZ Gun Owners Guide as reference, we went over each AZ law that applies to CCW and also laws pertaining to weapons.

The class ended with the test and passing out course certificates. This was a great class I’d recomend itto anyone interested in obtaining their AZ CCW permit. ┬áThis is a professional and informative AZ CCW class.