AAR MDFI – May 2008

Once again, Thank you Steve and Casey for coming out to the desert to train us and entertain us. A very big thanks to all of you who participated in the class as well. Without those people who take the plunge and drop the coin on tuition/ammo/and time, we just wouldn’t be able to make this kind of thing happen. Of course thanks to Pima Pistol Club for providing the facilities for us to be able to provide/attend this type of training.

Just like January, I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot as well. I think everyone truly took something from the class, from people new to training to those with much training/fighting experience. I am pleased that we were all able to make this happen. I truly appreciate Steve’s teaching style, and the way he relates relevant material to the class.

Day 1 began with getting everyone squared away and seeing what the skill set was for each student. Casey and Steve are both very experienced with aiding shooters to help them figure out deficiencies and improve.

We did many drills and were introduced to new material as the day progressed. We learned several “new” techniques that most of us hadn’t been exposed to before. This fit right in with Steve’s adapting and progressing as new lesons/gear/techniques are discovered. The night shoot was beneficial to all. We were all exposed to shooting while being strobed, and some of us had the opportunity to shoot at a target that was pointing a Surefire at our eyes. All of these demonstrated that good guys and bad guys can still fight effectively even while being “blinded” with a high intensity white-light.

As always Steve’s techniques tactics and procedures fit into most of our daily civilian lives very well. One of the things I really appreciate about Steve’s training is that he teaches techniques that can be utilized by Joe Shmoe to help survive in his world. Too many schools/instructors teach the latest high speed tactics that work very well for SWAT/SOF Teams to civilians, and don’t offer alternative procedures to fit in to civi side operations. I am all for learning the cool guy shit, but I also want to take home sound tactics that will help ME survive in MY Area of Operation. He also gives alternative ways of doing things for those that might find themselves in a situation where another way might be better.

We finished up Day 1 pretty late, and started Day 2 a little later. Day 2 began with a detailed lecture concerning the Carbines, support gear, and other aspects of running a carbine. Day 2 we progressed pretty rapidly through the basics of manipulating the carbine, and jumped into lots of movement and multiple target engagements. Steve showed us his prefered way of doing things and as always showed us several other viable means to accomplish the end result. Several students were brought out of their comfort zone by trying techniques that they had never utilized before

We finished up Day 2 with an intense night shoot. We shot no lights, weapon mounted white lights, handheld w/long gun, and strong hand only, support hand only in the dark. This demonstrated the usefullness of trying different scenarios before being presented with them under fire. It was neat to see the accuracy improve throughout many of the shooters at night.

Steve has many unique drills, and many not so unique drills that we shot with both the pistol and the carbine which demonstrated the usefullness of the techniques, tactics, and procedures we learned over the days and nights.

Again, I had a great time and am very thankful that we all could participate in the funfilled and learning rich days and nights.

MDFI was brought down to Tucson by Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts.

Thanks to Bob, Scott and Shane. Also big thanks to the guys who also helped out by driving the Michiganers to and from the airport and to the range, to dinner, to the gun shop, etc.

We all look forward to seeing MDFI in Tucson again soon