Lethal Force Institute – LFI 1


I had the opportunity to sit in on one day (8 hours) of the 40 hour LFI-1 course taught by Massad Ayoob at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club in south west Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2009. Massad is a prolific writer and internationally known instructor. While the course material is serious and details […]

Women on Target from the Women of the NRA


I had the pleasure of attending the first Women on Target class by the women of the NRA on March 28 2009 by director Chester Manning. We started at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. While every one was getting registered or signed in there was breakfast spread (bagels, cream cheese, donuts, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, […]

AAR: AZ CCW Class (Nov 2008)


I attended Charles Hellers CCW class on 11/28/08. This was my first class of this sort. I have never really been interested in self defense or weapon carrying education classes. I was asked to attend by a friend for the sake of a review from a females point of view.

A.C.T.S. Match (March 2009)

The Arizona American Confederation of Tactical Shooters (A.C.T.S.) held their monthly match at Pima Pistol Club. This month simulated the 1996 FBI Miami shoot out. They had it set up in four stages each one reenacting a different persons situation. Each stage was timed and scored.This was my first time at an A.C.T.S. event, so […]