A.C.T.S. Match @ Pima Pistol Club (May 2008)


There was another great ACTS shooting match this month at the Pima Pistol Club north of Tucson, AZ . Here are pics from the May 2008 Tucson ACTS shooting match.

AAR MDFI – May 2008


Once again, Thank you Steve and Casey for coming out to the desert to train us and entertain us. A very big thanks to all of you who participated in the class as well. Without those people who take the plunge and drop the coin on tuition/ammo/and time, we just wouldn’t be able to make […]

LMS Defense – Defensive Medicine


Shooters in Arizona and others interested in the company wanted to support Cavalry Arms during their recent situation. LMS Defense stepped up to offer a one day Defensive Medicine class at a reduced rate with all proceeds going to support Cavalry Arms. Here is a review of the day and some links and additional information. […]

MDFI – Defensive Handgun II


Fourteen students attended two days of defensive shooting classes taught by Steve Fisher of Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute. MDFI was invited by Tucson Guns and Western Artifacts, a gun store on Tucsons East Side. The classes were held north of Tucson at the Pima Pistol Club Shooting Range. The two days were divided into four […]

MDFI – Defensive Carbine II

This is a fast-paced class that will leave your barrel red hot. This class takes off where Carbine Level One ended. This class is not for everyone. You will get dirty during these drills as you learn up to date tactics that work in the real world.

MDFI – Low Light Pistol Class

After a full day of defensive pistol instruction we started low light / night shooting tactics and practice. Of course it is difficult to take photographs at night, but one of the students let the photographer use a night vision device to take some of (the green) photos of the students shooting at night

MDFI – Low Light Carbine

The Low Light Carbine class started at dusk on day two. We started with safety, of course. After some specific instruction on range rules for this night shoot Steve demonstrated methods of holding and using hand held lights with carbines