Suarez International; Advanced Rifle Gunfighting (Day 2)

Here are some pictures and a review of the second day of a Two Day Advanced Rifle Gunfighting course taught by Gabe Suarez of Suarez International out of Prescott, AZ. This was not a basic course so it progressed quickly. By day two the students started to know each other and joke around and talk about gear at breaks, but they ran the drills efficiently and learned a lot in these two days on the range. By the end of day two students had been worn out physically, mentally tested and experienced weather from sunny and 60* to cold, wind and rain. From what I could tell they all enjoyed it very much too

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MDFI – Handgun 1

Steve Fisher of MDFI offered a Level One Handgun and a Level One Carbine Class on Thursday and Friday in January. Six students attended both classes, and since the level of proficiency was high and the students were comfortable with the new skills, Steve offered to also teach his low light shooting on Friday evening. The students agreed (of course) and we all stayed late after the carbine class on Friday to learn and shoot in low light and darkness

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