AZ CCW Class Review; Final Option


Final Option Tactical System is in Tucson, AZ. Run by Tom Wacker retired after 31 years from the U.S. Border Patrol as a Chief. During his thirty years with Border Patrol Tom served as Assistant Chief. in Tucson so he is familiar with the town, local laws, Law Enforcement policy and even the shooting activities […]

LMS Defense; Pistol 1 (Day 1) Sept. 2007

9-15-07-089 (1)

A review of the LMS Defense Pistol I course. We had a medium size class with 12 students, Two are Law Enforcement (Police), one works at a gun shop, the Cav Arms girls, and an assortment of others I don’t remember. A diverse group from all kinds of backgrounds and various levels of skill. A […]

LMS Defense; Pistol 1 (Day 2) Sept 2007


A review of the LMS Defense Pistol I course, Day Two. More fun in the sun. Classes like this one are great for CCW holders. And if you are going to learn something this important, you might as well learn from professionals. LMS Defense offers professional training at many locations throughout the country (and even […]