LMS Defense; AK 101, Paul Gomez (Day 1)

The AK 101 course is a two day block of instruction which focuses on developing consistent, non diagnostic, combative gun handling skills for the Kalashnikov weapons platform. This course is designed to instill robust gun handling to enable the student to efficiently manipulate and utilize the most common military small arm on the planet. A heavy emphasis is placed on recognizing and understanding the concepts that drive the combative use of the carbine. Topics covered will include Design Orientation, The Combative Platform, Loading/Unloading/Reloading, Status Check, Wound Ballistics, Sighting Concepts, Triggering Concepts, Ready Positions, Transition to Pistol, Gear Selection & Set up, Non diagnostic Stoppage Reductions, Alternate Firing Positions and Firing While Moving. This class is taught by two of the top AK47 experts in the country, Paul Gomez and Yancey Harrington.
Last Man Standing; AK 101 (March, 2007)

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