Front Sight Philosophy

We now train more students each year than all the other shooting schools in the US combined … As we grew in strength and size each year, our ability to support other organizations that create a positive difference in the world grew as well. We are now in a position to assist any organization that […]

Front Sight Training Courses


Front Sight teaches the most proven, real-world techniques, delivered in the most efficient manner, by the industry’s most select group of firearms trainers.

First Time at Front Sight

We arrived early the first day of our four day defensive handgun course. Here’s how your first day of training at Front Sight in NV will unfold

Front Sight Training Facilities

A look at the equipment, ranges and facilities at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight Training

Front Sight approaches firearms training in a unique way. This training is top level instruction in a comfortable, fast paced and exciting atmosphere.

Front Sight Training Lectures

Lectures at Front Sight are not what you might expect. Lectures covered morals and ethics, when to shoot scenarios, tactical movement, what types of pistol to carry, low light shooting and lots more.